Appearance settings

The following settings can be accessed from the horizontal menu bar. When using a custom label design some settings are not applicable and will be hidden.

In the "Text" menu drop down from the horizontal menu bar:

Text settings

The font used to render the address.
Text alignment
Sets the horizontal alignment of the address.
Maximum font size
Restricts the font size to a maximum value. Content is always shrunk to fit inside the label if needed, but this setting determines the largest possible font size used.
Text Transform
Can ensure your customer’s name, street, and city is capitalized or uppercased regardless of how the customer entered it.
Text direction

In the "Address" menu drop down from the horizontal menu bar:

Address settings

Include company
Whether to include the customer's company in the address (if present).
Include country
Whether to include the customer's country in the address.
Abbreviate province
Whether to display the customer's province full or abbreviated.
Return Address Labels
Controls which label design, if any, to use as the return address label. If enabled, one "return" address label will be generated for each "ship to" address label.

The default design displays the address from your store’s Shopify profile.

In the "Layout" menu drop down from the horizontal menu bar:

Layout settings

Label Orientation
Specifies whether to render the labels in portrait or landscape orientation. This is independent of the page orientation
Flow Direction
Row first or column first
Adjusts the amount of whitespace between the address and the inner edges of the label. (Only available when using the default "Basic" design)
Super Address Labels

Super Address Labels is an application for Shopify that enables merchants to print addresses and other data from their orders onto label sheet templates made by Avery, Dymo, and other manufacturers, using a laser/inkjet or direct thermal printer.

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