Selecting orders

The process of creating address labels begins with selecting orders. There are two places from which orders can be selected:

From within the application

If the application is already loaded, and you have proceeded past the Dashboard page, click on either the "Select orders" button (when there are currently no orders selected), or the "Your Orders" button if there are currently orders selected.

A table containing some of your shop's orders will appear. Select one or more orders to print address labels for by toggling the switches in the left-most column. You can get back to the order selection at any time by clicking the "Your Orders" button near the bottom of the screen.

From Shopify

Navigate to the Orders section of your Shopify administration pages.

Shopify Admin panel

Select one or more rows from the table of orders by clicking on the checkboxes.

Shopify Admin panel

Click on the "More Actions" button above the list of orders and a drop down menu will appear. From the menu, click on "Bulk Print - Super Address Labels".

Shopify Admin panel

Starting over

Start a new batch of labels without restarting the application by clicking the down arrow on the "Your Orders" button, and selecting "Start over" from the menu that appears.

Super Address Labels

Super Address Labels is an application for Shopify that enables merchants to print addresses and other data from their orders onto label sheet templates made by Avery, Dymo, and other manufacturers, using a laser/inkjet or direct thermal printer.

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