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Easily print customizable address labels for your online shop's orders straight from your browser. Now available for Shopify.

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Create your own designs that can display information from your shop's orders.

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Upload your own images to display on your address labels.

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Supports desktop printers?
Supports Dymo and other direct thermal printers?
Print labels from multiple orders at the same time?
Print multiple pages of labels?
Supports label sheet templates for inkjet and laser printers from manufacturers like Avery?
Labels can include Shopify order custom attributes?
Labels can include customer details such as telephone number?
Choose position of starting label?

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Super Address Labels

Super Address Labels is an application for Shopify that enables merchants to print addresses and other data from their orders onto label sheet templates made by Avery, Dymo, and other manufacturers, using a laser/inkjet or direct thermal printer.

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