Getting Started

Navigate to the Orders section of your Shopify administration pages.

Select one or more orders from the list by clicking on the checkboxes.

Click on the "More Actions" button above the list of orders and a drop down menu will appear. From the menu, click on "Bulk Print - Super Address Labels".

Printing Labels

Super Address Labels creates a PDF file which is to be printed. Do not print the web page itself.

Click on "Create PDF".

If needed, the resulting PDF can be downloaded or opened in a new browser tab. Most browsers allow printing to be initiated directly from the embedded PDF.

Custom Label Designs

Custom label designs give you complete control over the content and appearance of your labels.

Go to Settings > Custom Label Designs > "New"

Custom label designs are based on grids that enable different elements to be positioned within a single label. Select one of the many pre-defined grid patterns to serve as a foundation for your new label design by clicking on it.

Custom Label Sheet Templates

Custom label sheet templates allow you to provide your own label sheet template measurements.

Go to Settings > Custom Label Sheet Templates > "New"

Starting over

You can create a new batch of labels without restarting the application by clicking the down arrow on the "Add/Remove Programs" button, and clicking "Unselect all orders" from the menu that comes up.

Logging out

Click on the user icon at the top right of the screen, then click "Logout" from the drop down menu.